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A collection of downloadable activities designed to complement the Great Balls of Fire exhibit – both facilitated and self-directed, perfect for teachers, parents, and museum staff.

Small and Large Card Game
In this simple and engaging activity, learners will sort images according to size and gain a basic understanding for the scale of objects in the Universe.
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Near and Far Card Game
Players sort ten images of Earthly and celestial objects in order of their distance from Earth’s surface. This is an excellent activity for providing perspective on the scale and structure of the Universe.
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Exploring the Structure of the Universe
Get the basics across with this context-setting, simple one-pager – excellent as a pre or post exhibit activity.
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Model Solar System – Size
Participants create their own scale models of the planets to demonstrate their immense size differences.
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Model Solar System – Distance
This activity allows participants to get a sense of how empty space really is by “walking” the distance of the Solar System.
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The Art of Facilitation
A must-see Power Point presentation for museum staff on the art and science of interacting with visitors to help them make the most of their time at your institution.
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